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B.Tech Projects


Name of the Student(s)

Project Title

Area of Specialization

Project Supervisor(s)

Contribution / Achievements / Research Output


Dhavalbhakt H. A.

Rahane N. P.

Lohar S. S.

Bhale R. B.

Dagdiya R. R.

Analysis And Design of Retaining Wall With Pressure Relief Shelf

Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. P.B. Ullagaddi

Model study has been carried out

Dhorabe P.T.

Jawale P. S.

Ms. Bagdiya Neha

Patil Y. P.

Zahed.F. Shaikh

Dhorabe P.T.

E – Waste Management

Water Resources Engineering

Prof. U.D. Kulkarni

Tackles the burning problem of e-waste disposal

Shinde Pratap

Patil Rushikesh

Kakde Vikas

Sakhare Jayesh

Khadake Sagar

Economical Study of Coagulant

Water Resources Engineering

Dr. L. G. Patil

Alternative low cost and easy water treatment solution developed

Patil D. S.

Karnavar B. D.

Waghmare A. M.

Dabhade P. D.

Sarwade R.

Miss Pande N.

Study and Development of Computer Program for Design of Pile and Raft Foundation with Case study

Structural Engineering

Shri. M. M. Puranik

Computer programme for design of pile and raft foundation developed

Miss Bachal A. P.

Miss Dayal B. R.

Ms Tagadpalewar D.

Miss Wakale V. P.

Kambli M. L.

Daily Rainfall Runoff Modeling Using ANN

Water Resources Engineering

Dr. M. P. Rajurkar

Application of ANN involving rainfall runoff analysis


Jangapalle Y V

Pawar Anand

Pawar Swanand

Kulkarni Avadhut

Shaikh Tausif

Mane Amrut

Rainfall Analysis and Runoff Estimation

Water Resources

Dr. P.D. Dahe

Field problem study carried out

Kurle S G

Ms. Shirbhate N P

Miss Veer P P

Yelegaonkar S K

Kulkarni S S

Kadam S P

Design of low cost user friendly sanitation system

Water Resources Engineering

Prof. U D Kulkarni

Sanitation system for Parbhani town designed

Jadhav Laxmikant

Nagarale Deeraj

Miss Londke Kausalya

Miss Mhetre Manisha

Khandagale Sandesh

Karpara Small hydropower project

Water Resources Engineering

Dr L.G. Patil

A small hydro power project designed and estimates prepared

Ms Motewar A.A.

Miss Gajre N.W.

Miss Bele M. D.

Miss Pole s.s.

Miss pawar S.P.

Development of interaction curves for Different shapes of RCC Columns & their comparison

Structural Engineering

Shri M.M.  Puranik

Typical interaction curves developed

Wagh A.P.

Prabhat N.S.

Gadge N.S.

Sapate S.S.

Palve T.Y.

Planning feasibility Study of  small Hydropower Project At Wakod Medium Irrigation Project

Water Resources Engineering

Dr. M.P.Rajurkar

A small hydropower project envisaged, planned & designed

Dhote P R

Anipinder S I

Devshatwar P B

Dhamankar Saurabh

Shende S T

Zate Vinay

Mankar Tushar

Cantilever Retaining Wall with Relief Shelf

Geotechnical Engineering

Dr. P.B.Ullagaddi

Study on prototype retaining wall carried out

Trimbak Parik

Shriram S

Rohit Patni

Navin Sonawane

Sourabh Kala

Ms. Deokar

D. Urmode

Low Cost Housing

Construction Management

Dr. M.L.Waikar

Low cost housing alternative attempted

Vinay Kulkarni

Dinmani Kulkarni

Chirag Patel

Girish Kolekar

Amit Kokadwar

Nikhil Puranik

Carbon footprints of the SGGS campus

Environmental Engineering

Shri. U.D. Kulkarni

Carbon emission of the campus is evaluated and measures to reduce the same are suggested

Ms. Kotkar Prerana

Ms. Jadhav Rupali

Ms. Jadhav Apurva

Ms. Divanshi Agrawal  

Ms.Deshmukh Supriya

Ms. Patil Simali

Design of WTP of various capacities

Water Resources Engineering

Dr. L. G. Patil

WTPs of various capacities designed

Ms, Nangurwar Sneha

Ms. Gaikwad S A

Ms. Alat Rasika A

Ms. Chavan Rudra S

Kelshikar G R

Pashine M R

Optimization of elevated circular tanks

Structural Engineering

Shri. M. M. Puranik

Cost effective solution for elevated circular tanks 



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